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Deo Roll On / 20 ml

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A natural, aluminum-free roll-on deodorant that effectively neutralizes odor, glides on oh-so smoothly & keeps armpits feeling fresh.

Keep your underarms feeling fresh and odorless, but make it natural.
This natural vegan formula effectively neutralizes microorganisms that cause body odor and balances the microbiome of the skin while also keeping it soft and nourished. A blend of natural acids gently exfoliates, neutralizes odor, and keeps your underarms dry and fresh all day long. Infused with organic aloe vera and cooling cucumber to calm, soothe and protect skin’s natural barrier.

How to use
Ensure underarms are clean and dry. Roll on 2-3 swipes under each armpit, covering the entire area. Allow to dry before getting dressed. For all skin types.

When to use
Whenever you need a natural and refreshing fix-me-up.

For all skin types


20 ml / 1,69 fl.oz

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